3 secrets to get

a job as a professional butler

Learn the how to build your network to land

well paid jobs as a professional butler.

Value packed 30 minute training

What you will learn

Why you need a great CV and the things to avoid

You only have one chance to make an impression with your CV. We will tell you what to look for.

How to build your network as a butler worldwide

No network, no job. People help people and in our case: former students help former students.

How to handle recruitment agencies

Around the world you will meet people that recruit candidates, be aware of the pitfalls in HR.


The careerswitch you have been waiting for?

Did you know the number one reason students join is, is that they are looking to change their life, travel the world and have an exciting job with meaning.

An IT ceo turned butler, a nurse on a yacht or a pest control employee working for a business man. We have made it happen. together.

If this sounds with you, this free training is definitely something for you. It might be a first step.